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Robotics Class

Are you a university student and want to volunteer? Meet other mentors and shape the future with flexible hours!

Curious about university life? Unsure what you want to pursue? In partnership with GATE Calgary we pair University of Calgary students with youth to help them gain insight into post-secondary, the university experience, and connect over their life and interests.

What do you do? 1) Be in Grades 5 - 12, 2) Meet with your mentor for a minimum of 1h per month for 4-8 months, 3) Be enthusiastic, 4) Do your best to attend our fun and free social events!


Free 1-on-1 tutoring with a university student for students in Grades 5 - 12


A mentorship program with GATE Calgary where University students mentor Grade 5 - 12 (usually high school) students about post-secondary and life!

English Language Literacy (ELL) CONNECT

An activity/ mentorship program aimed at improving the literacy of newcomer, immigrant and refugee youth.

Youth Can Code

A 6-week coding course in mid-February to April that provides the basics of coding for Grade 5- 12 students of all skill levels

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