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We also aim beyond the scope of academics, encouraging youth to incorporate elements of self-care even in the face of academic pursuit. With the help of a dedicated team and partnerships with shelters across the cities at our chapters we hope to provide a guiding light to the underrepresented demographic of vulnerable youth city-wide.

Stars for Scholarly Youth (SSY) is a university club and non-profit that seeks to establish equal opportunities and extracurricular excellence for youth in shelters and foster homes or those with financial hardship.

Founded in 2020 by a team of dedicated University of Calgary students through “promoting the pursuit of purpose” our non-profit student club believes that every student deserves the opportunity to discover novel passions and find significance in their interests despite socioeconomic circumstances. SSY strives to provide academic guidance in the form of tutoring and mentorship, providing youth with the necessary resources for educational success.

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Calgary Team


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