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Coding the Future: You(th) Can Code

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In an era dominated by technology, Stars for Scholarly Youth (SSY) continues its mission to bridge educational gaps with the launch of its newest initiative - Youth Can Code - Calgary (YCC-YYC). Spearheaded by the Director of Technology, Gabriel, and supported by President Haris, alongside Former Directors of Tech, Arsalan and Noel, this innovative program aims to make coding education accessible and enjoyable for students in Grades 5 and above.

Understanding the challenges of in-person attendance, SSY adopts a hybrid model, blending virtual and in-person sessions to ensure accessibility without compromising the interactive and engaging learning experience. The Youth Can Code initiative caters to diverse age groups, providing tailored curriculums to meet the needs and skill levels of participants.

Stars for Scholarly Youth, a student-based club, recognizes the importance of nurturing problem-solving skills and logical thinking in today's society. With computers becoming integral tools across various fields, the Youth Can Code initiative focuses on equipping students with essential coding skills. The curriculum aims to demystify the logical nature behind computers, promoting syntactical precision, step-by-step logic, and algorithm design.

The program introduces two distinct streams, each designed for specific age groups:

1. "Kids Can Code" Stream:

- Focuses on logical thinking using a kid-friendly programming language, Scratch.

- Tailored for Grade 8 and younger, with flexibility for more advanced students.

- Abstracts intricate details to provide a foundational understanding of computer thinking.

2. "Teens Can Code" Stream:

- Provides in-depth knowledge of computer science using Python.

- Aimed at Grade 9 and older students, preparing them for university-level computer science courses.

- Covers industry-level concepts, including Python and external libraries, for a comprehensive learning experience.

Both streams feature a structured six-week curriculum, covering core concepts with additional depth in the "Teens Can Code" stream:

"Kids Can Code" Stream (6 Weeks):

1. Introduction to Scratch

2. Sequences and Motion

3. Events and Control

4. Variables and Sensing

5. Loops and Iteration

6. Final Projects and Showcase

"Teens Can Code" Stream (6 Weeks):

1. Introduction to Python

2. Control Flow and Decision Making

3. Functions and Modular Programming

4. Data Structures: Lists and Dictionaries

5. File Handling and External Libraries

6. Final Projects and Showcase

Both streams cover fundamental programming concepts, with the "Teens Can Code" stream delving into additional advanced topics. While "Kids Can Code" focuses on program structure and basic programming using Scratch, "Teens Can Code" introduces industry-relevant concepts like Python and external libraries.

Stars for Scholarly Youth's Youth Can Code - Calgary initiative is a testament to its commitment to empowering the future generation with essential coding skills. By providing accessible and engaging coding education, SSY ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities presented by the technology-driven landscape of tomorrow.

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